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How do I tell whether an item that looks like leather is actually leather? What are the differences?

To identify genuine leather there are several actions you can take:
Check the label to see if it is real leather or not.
Feel of the texture of the leather: genuine leather is uneven and a little rough whereas fake leather is smooth to the touch.
Also, look for any imperfections to identify authenticity.
Test out the elasticity of the genuine leather by pressing down with one figure and see if it returns to its natural state. If not, the leather is fake.

Full Grain Leather - is high-end leather that requires a good amount of care and tends to have a slightly rough texture which softens over time.

Top Grain Leather - has the same durability as full-grain leather but softer to the touch. There are two types of Top Grain Leather: one is treated with aniline and the second one is treated with semi-aniline. Aniline treated leather is more vulnerable to stains and the Semi-Aniline a little less susceptible to stains.

Split Grain Leather - is 100% leather but lacks a stylish appearance. Also, this type of leather is harder to maintain.

Bonded or "Performance" Leathers - is only 17% leather combined scraps rolled together with a binding material. This type of leather does not soften over time like full-grain leather. It also is more likely to peel and has a short lifespan. Great American usually avoids carrying products with this type of leather, but it is popular with many of our competitors.

Faux Leather - is synthetic leather that is very low maintenance.

Updated on: 05/13/2020

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