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Why buy a mattress from Great American Sleep Shop?

Great question. It's a pretty simple reason. It's because we've virtually eliminated the possibility of making a mistake when you buy a mattress from us. Think that's a bold claim? Read on.

This may seem to be a simple reason, sure enough. What isn't simple is the mattress buying process. Most mattress buyers spend anywhere from 3 months to a year or more researching their mattress purchase these days if they are concerned about getting the best sleep possible for their money. That's how complicated the mattress world has gotten.

From reading reviews of the latest and greatest, comparing discounts, calling mattress stores or sending inquiries online, many people put more work into buying a mattress than a car. Which is smart, since you'll spend far more time in your bed than your vehicle. But it can also be draining, frustrating, and tiring, since by the time you think you've figured it out, some new information or a new model comes along to give you doubt.

The reason most people put themselves through all of this is because they are either afraid of overpaying or buying the wrong mattress.

So how have we eliminated these two worries at The Great American Sleep Shop? Fair question.

The answer is that thanks to our 90 Night Comfort Guarantee, you can confidently purchase your next dream mattress from us without having to worry about making a mistake. Our 90 Night Comfort Guarantee ensures you love the new mattress you get.*

We've been around in the mattress industry for decades. We've seen how it's changed over the years and so we know it inside and out. Our staff is knowledgeable enough to know the best outcome for you and for us is for you to feel great about the mattress you sleep on every night when you buy it from us. For that reason, we're committed to helping you find the best choice for your body and your budget.

*The 90 Night Comfort Guarantee is only available with the purchase of a mattress protector and plan from GAHS.

Updated on: 07/27/2022

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