The Great American Home Store has a one-year period from date of purchase/delivery that we can and will take care of issues that are not caused by pets or transportation. If issues are report during the time frame under the manufacturer’s warranty, they will be resolved at NO cost to you.

If the damage is not due to normal wear and tear, was caused by a pet or is outside the warranty period, we will try to order parts or repair the problem. Please note there will be a service charge for the inspection and repair in this case.
In these situations, the standard charge for an initial inspecting plus the first hour of labor is $75 and must be paid before or once a GAHS Service Technician arrives to your home. After the initial inspection, the Service Technician will report back to Customer Service with a detailed description of the issue, a request for parts needed to be ordered and a time estimate to complete the service call. Each additional hour of service will be billed to at $40/hr after the service is complete.

We reserve the right to refuse service on any item that has been abused or is excessively dirty. If a GAHS Service Tech determines this, GAHS management will stand behind the Tech’s decision made during the inspection to refuse service.
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